Ava’s Vision

Short Term Goals for Ava’s Wish, Inc.

Ava’s Wish will work with the pediatric intensive care unit at the University Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. The organization will provide tote bags for pediatric patients and their families that have been affected by head trauma or related disorders.

The tote bags will be delivered to ICU families:

  • Informational material on starting a meal calendar (Care Calendar)
  • Informational material on setting up a Caring Bridge web site (www.caringbridge.org)
  • Journal for keeping track of information obtained during hospital stay. Can also be used to document patients hospitalization
  • Blanket to provide comfort to patient while hospitalized
  • Travel size toiletries to include: shampoo, conditioner, body wash/body wipes, lotion, hand sanitizer, Kleenex (tissue)

Board members will meet with patients and family members to provide support during life altering events.  Efforts may include reading to the patient or providing respite for family members while the patient is hospitalized.

Long Term Goals for Ava’s Wish, Inc.

Partnership with University Children’s Health to design & incorporate a Pediatric Rehab unit within the Women’s & Children’s Center at University Health System.  The goal behind the design will be to make for an aesthetically pleasing environment in which patients and family members can manuever through the rehabilitative stages in a positive, comfortable and goal oriented environment with a positive outcome.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected].